Here’s a really cool video of some footage from a show at Sticky Lips BBQ in Rochester, NY on 3/30/2012.

To catch some really cool footage Mike Deiure, who filled in for Jeremy on Bass, wore a bike helmet with a helmet cam attached to it during one of the songs so that you can see what it looks like from my perspective on stage!

Yes he looked pretty stupid, but it was a ton of fun and we caught some really cool video! He wore it for “He Gotta Go” and then Alf, the drummer, put the helmet cam on for a drum solo he did at the end of the song “Crazy About You Baby”.


“He Gotta Go”

Alf Encina Drum Solo – “Crazy About You Baby”

Check Out Some Footage Of The Tweeds Working In The Studio!

Today we want to share with you a video that we put together of us working in the studio. Click play on the video below and Enjoy!

Check Out More Footage Of Us In The Studio!

We Have More Studio Footage That We Would Love To Share With You!

Not only will you get to see us record… but you’ll also see us perform and best yet You’ll Be Able To Learn Our Songs And Jam With Us!

Click Here To See Us Really Rocking Out In The Studio and To Learn How To Play Our Tunes!

Hey Y’all,
It certainly has been awhile. The Tweeds and I have been busy. We have played so many shows up until December and now we have a little down time to do some Christmas shopping. But, not to worry, we have a BIG Christmas show coming up at the Rochester Dinosaur on December 23. make sure you save the date because there are lots of surprises in store….
#1-We might have to pull out a Christmas Song or two.
#2-We will have more condoms to get you all through the holidays!…and t-shirts as well.

 I know, not the best photo….BUT…. WE WILL HAVE PINT GLASSES FOR SALE!
The final stocking stuffer that you all have been looking for will final be available on December 23. Now, I happen to have a bit of a cold right now so yes, that is tea that I am drinking out of mine. For those of you who remember, I used to play solo every Friday back in the day at a place called Bohdi’s in Village Gate, they taught me that drinking tea out of a pint glass was the cool thing to do….BUT I know they will look even more cool with a nice dark Guinness in them. That bold color of a beer is sure to put a nice warm glow behind our faces. Some Jackie D might do the trick too (I am sure that’s what Katy is gonna put in hers:)…hell even Egg Nog for the holidays.
There is a special surprise printed on the back of them but, you can’t see it in the picture, so you will all just have to show up and buy one or two on DECEMBER 23 at DINOSAUR BBQ in Rochester. Show starts at 10pm. I know everyone will have a lot of family in town so bring them out and buy them a beer in an extra special pint glass.

Anywho, in the meantime, stay warm in this lovely snow we are getting. I am so excited to go skiing! But I know it is tough to drive in, so for any of you who might be traveling for the holidays, stay safe…and if you need some road trip music LISTEN TO TEAGAN AND THE TWEEDS!…and if you need more road trip music, I recently became a little obsessed with Florence and the Machine, I highly recommend her album Lungs.

’til next time,

One of the shows we played this weekend was in Utica, NY for the Utica Music Festival. You all know how much the Tweeds and I love our beer….It just so happens that the Saranac Brewery is located in Utica. So naturally, we took a tour:)

The tour was really great. But the best part was the Tavern at the end. I think everyone would agree. They give you two free pints of whatever kind of Saranac you would like. I decided to go with two of their Imperial beers…and before I knew it I was doing things like this…

…and then everyone was doing things like this…

..haha it was great. Saranac is the birthplace of the Shultz and Dooley steins…so we figured we should all pose…

…we couldn’t stop…

..just on more..

…it was a great weekend. We all came home with some good beer for our fridges…and we got to play a few gigs as well. What more could you ask for?

’til next time….


I have had way to much coffee today. When this happens I talk everyone’s ear off at work. So I am choosing to blog instead.

The Tweeds and I had a really good summer. We got to open for Eddie Money, Jam with Rusted Root, and perform at a number of random places that included the word “beaver” in their name. Haha no joke.

These are a few pictures from the Beaver Meadow Family Campground. This is where we stayed while we played a gig at The Beaver Hollow Conference Center

Tommy Fishing at Beaver Meadow’s “Bass Pond”      

I took these pictures without anyone knowing. It was a beautiful day and I felt it needed to be documented. Michelle, Tommy, Sarah, and fished. Jeremy sat back and watched Rocco.

Jeremy chillin’ with Rocco

 My Birthday was on a Thursday this year. We got everyone together and started our day going out to lunch on the bay. We rented a pontoon and drove to Bayside for lunch, where Katy and Lou met up with us. Fish whisperer Lou decided to cast a line in the water and 5 seconds later, caught the first fish of the day.

Lou’s Fish    

So anywho, the coffee is wearing off now…. we had a great summer. We are hitting the road this weekend for a couple gigs outta town. Gonna try and take some good pics to share with everyone.

We also have some new t-shirts coming in. Some of them will be at Rochester Dinosaur show 9/16/10 and then we have a new design coming through by the end of the month. I have even ordered a few youth sizes:)

More to come later….


I am eating my leftover steak salad for breakfast. I just went to stab my fork into a big bite and it spilled in my lap….but no worries I was able to recover most of it. That might be kinda gross, but it’s from Merchants Grill and I didn’t feel like making anything else for breakfast….so whatever.

Anywhoo, I want to talk about the new Grace Potter album. It’s all I have been listening to for the last week or so, and it’s incredible. Michelle and I are planning on going out on the boat with Mike today and it is perfect summer fun music. Everyone who hasn’t purchased the album yet should go do it right now. If you get it online it is surprisingly cheap. The price of hard copy CD’s is falling so much these days.

I think every track is my favorite but right now I am gonna say “Medicine” is my favorite fast song and “Colors” is my favorite ballad. You just gotta check it out for yourself though…it’s ridiculous. Then go see her live if you haven’t yet….just make sure you don’t drive a couple hours in northern NY in January and try to cross Lake Champlain on a ferry to see her show in Burlington, VT. Chances are the ferry will be closed and the bridge will be blown out and then you will have to drive even father…story for a different time:)

I am sick again, not sure how you get a cold when no one else around you is sick, and it’s the middle of June???

I gotta rest up and pop my Vitamin C pills. I gotta make sure I am in tip top shape to open for Eddie Money next week at Party in the Park. Two Tickets to Paradise….can’t miss it! We are excited, everyone should come down and see us:)

I figured I would share this….The picture quality is kinda bad, but this is me practicing my moves for Eddie Money at an early age with my cousin Martin. Courtesy of my Mother-she thinks it’s hilarious to dig up old photos and send my picture messages of them:)

Goodbye for now…see you at Party in the Park!


We are all so frustrated with this Local Lilith Fair Contest. We have a buttload of wonderful, dedicated fans that are willing to make their eyes bleed in front a computer screen, for more hours than a regular work week, just to vote for us once. We apologize for entering in this silly competition. If we didn’t do so well right off the bat, it wouldn’t have become such an addiction. But it is now….hahaha and I hope that you all keep voting. We really do appreciate the support, and I am sure you all know what a crazy opportunity this would be. So THANK YOU!

On a different note. We are playing at Pub 511 tonight and I predict that it will ROCK. So I hope to see all of you out and about:)

So the search is over. After many months of sifting and searching for hours on end with Lou, I have ordered my very own Bran’ Spankin’ New Tweed Tube Amp…..and I can’t wait! It is going to rock, hopefully it will be in sometime in June. I guess they were on backorder. I will post a nice new picture when I have it.

I NEED COFFEE before work, so I’m gonna bounce. Off to sell some kayaks….See you at Pub 511 @ 9:30pm SHARP!

      The other day I woke up and went into the kitchen to find a rubbing up against my leg.  I did what most people would do when an interesting furry creature comes up to you and picked it up, within 30 seconds I felt a warm sensation spreading across my belly which turned out to be cat pee.  After finding out that the cat had a urinary tract infection, I was able to forgive Santino.

        Now today when I walked up to the attic as Leo was dismissing himself, that familiar scent of cat piss was in the air.  After about thirty minutes of myself, Kristina, and Katy crawling on the floor sniffing like dogs for the source of the smell, we noticed an unfamiliar lake emerging from the bottom of the organ.  After a thorough investigation, it was determined that this lake was the outlet of a river flowing from the housing of the volume pedal on my organ.  After shining a light in there, you could see pee in the top corner of the housing.  How Leo manged to get his pee all the way up there is a mystery to me.  Even if he could fit in there, he would have had to be on his back with his butt pressed up against the corner. Hopefully the chemicals I applied to remove the scent will work.

    Does that look like a cat you could forgive?


So I never blogged about Austin really. I meant to but it wasn’t as easy to find wifi as I thought and blogging from my Blackberry just wasn’t doing it for me. So instead I posted most of the trip on facebook. Sorry to those of you who were waiting for a blog….I will tell you the story of the not so pleasant end to our awesome trip…
We got in the car around 9:00 am Monday. Ready to hit the road…got a quick bit to eat at McDonald’s (classic road trip style…you know you all do it) and we were off. I had gotten up much earlier that morning, around 4 am or so, to drop Sarah off at the airport…so I was still extremely tired when we hit the road. 
Jeremy started out the first leg of the trip driving. Lou and I were crammed like sardines in the back of the Trailblazer, trying to figure out the right position to sleep comfortably….not willing to admit to ourselves that such as thing did not exist. I think my final sleeping position of choice ended up being the “lean forward with your head on the seat in front of you”…for whatever reason it seemed the most natural.
I fell asleep pretty shortly into our trip. A few hours went by and I woke up to find us stopped at a truck stop…still in Texas of course…BTW: Driving through Texas feels like driving on a treadmill in the middle of a cow pasture next to a “HELL IS REAL” sign. Anyways, when I woke up I had a scratchy throat. The kind that I get when my allergies are bad. I figured the climate change had finally caught up with my allergies and that was the issue…WRONG. When I woke up at the next truck stop I thought I was gonna die before we made it out of Texas.
I spent the rest of the trip fueling up on cold medicine and Airborn, but niether worked. I slept for the most part, but I was getting worse and worse.
We finally got out of Texas and ended up stopping in Memphis, TN. We drove to Beale St to try and get some dinner. We found an alright parking spot and pushed our money into the cash box. Exited the car, tried to lock it but…..the lock on the back hatch wasn’t working. Not good. We got back in the car, drove around looking at Beale St. then found a Perkins to eat at where we could watch the car from the window.
We ate some food, I drank some tea, and once again we were off. This time Lou drove and I was supposed to be the co-pilot. Thank God Tommy stays awake late at night because I was asleep before we got back on the highway I think. I was a shitty co-pilot.
When I woke again it was somewhere around 2am maybe?…and we were pulling into the Grand Old Opry. My throat felt like it was on fire…but I really wanted to see the Opry. We all woke up and dragged ourselves outta the car. No one was around anywhere but the Music was still playing outside at the Opry…its was kinda odd.  We took a few pictures…
hahah we were sooo cold and groggy. 
We got home around 4 pm on Tuesday. I had to cance my regular Beale St. gig for the first time in 2 years. I wasn’t very happy about it.
After we got home I lost my voice completely.  First I went hoarse, but then it just went totally silent.
That was last Tuesday….it has been a week, and I still don’t have a voice today. Little pieces are slowly coming back…but it is very frustrating. I had to cancel my Beale St. gig again tonight, and the band gig at Dewey’s this past Saturday. 
I went to the doctor and they gave me pills for a sinus infection. My sinus are clear now but I can feel it in my throat. I am going to see a Ear Nose and Throat specialist on Friday…hopefully it will continue to get better.
My Mom bought me Aloe Vera juice because it is supposed to prevent any scar tissue on your vocal chords. I take two tablespoons in the morning and two at night. It tastes really bitter and strong…not sure if its helping…but they do say it is a colon cleanser…and it is probably safe to say that it true.
I haven’t had any other liquids besides Tea w/lemon and honey. My teapot is probably going to break soon. It is way overused.
Our next gig is April 9. I should be fine by then. I haven’t talked to hardly anyone in like 5 days….it’s kinda sad. I heard that even whispering is bad for me…so I have to communicate with notes and texts…if only everyone knew sign language:)
I am going to go nap. Hopefully I can talk to all of you soon with a full healthy voice!
Until next time…


It’s 4:00 in the morning. Just packed up the last of the car. Ready to walk out the door. Going to pick-up Jeremy and Michelle…then over to Lou’s to hook up the trailer that is all packed up. Gonna be interesting.I need to get coffee at somepoint, although I am scared that might make the car ride longer if we have to stop. Pearl is not a happy camper, She knows I am leaving and has tried to pack herself in the car several times now. It makes me feel bad:(
Anyways, we will be trying to update every time we hit a place with some sorta wireless internet. I know we are most likely stopping to eat somewhere around Nashville, so maybe then.
Hopefully everything goes smoothly…Can’t wait to be down there!

’til next time,

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