Finally…everything is in order for Austin. T-shirts are coming on Friday along with the finished and duplicated demo. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS. I am giving you my sympathy ahead of time for anyone who ever has to buy a license for an old blues song that they have NO IDEA who wrote.
We wanted to put the song “Little by Little” on our demo for Austin. It is the one and only cover we did for it. Needless to say, we ended up with an issue with licensing the song properly….the issue first was,I didn’t think we needed to buy the license since there is not a bar code on the disc…but of course, we couldn’t get it duplicated with out one. When I found this out I was home on my lunch break and in a hurry. I did a little search on Google and found who I thought was the original writer of the song…ROBERT PLANT, Did you know Robert Plant wrote “Little by Little”? The same song Susan Tedeschi covers on “Just Won’t Burn….WRONG!

…I bought the wrong license. That was just a minor $106 mistake. What a headache. I was so glad when Monday was over. I made sure I spent Tuesday doing something non-stressful. Tommy and Taylor and I went skiing one last time before we leave in 6 days. I took this picture of them on the lift…hahaha it looks like Tommy has his head resting on Taylor’s shoulder…

It was such a beautiful day. I think all three of us had bright red noses from all the sun. There was hardly anyone else on the mountain and it was spectacular.

Tommorow Katy, Tommy, and I will be going on the Brother Wease show for a radio interview about SXSW and our gig @ Dinosaur BBQ tomorrow night. It will be interesting…tune in if you can to 95.1 The Fox around 10:30am.

I have got to head to bed.

’til next time


Me and sleepy Pearl

It was so sunny out today, so Pearl and I went shopping…thats why she is so sleepy now.

First I took her to the pet store and let her pick out a bone…which is a huge ordeal with Pearl. She is very indecisive and usually gets distracted by wedging herself under the bone display to get a tennis ball that someone has dropped. Then she starts to get frustrated and makes strange noises like she is trying to talk…because now she is stuck. The pet store was busy because it is Saturday and there is not a whole lot more embarrassing that can happen in a pet store than when you have to almost lay on the floor to remove your tennis ball crazy Jack Russell from underneath one of the displays. But I got her out and we were able to pick out and purchase a bone…eventually.

So we moved on to a few stores. Pearl sits and sunbathes on my front seat with her bone while I go into the store and try to pick out outfits and predict what the weather might be in Austin. I was halfway successful. I think I need a human shopping buddy next time to join Pearl and I.

Oh we are sooo close to leaving….Everything is finally coming together and working out. After weeks of anticipation and stress we will eventually have to take with us: a new demo with 5 tracks, new Teagan and the Tweeds t-shirts, Stickers, a website (Check it out!), postcards, event flyers, and handbills. Good thing we have a giant SUV and a trailer to take with us!

What started as me taking a shot in the dark 8 months ago is quickly becoming a very exciting reality. I just got an e-mail the other day about the showcase we are playing on Saturday night, saying that MTV will be there looking for new music to place in their shows and commercials…so NO PRESSURE…haha I can’t wait. We have come so far in the last year, even the last 6 months, it’s time to go show Austin how to rock the tweed!

If any of you haven’t noticed, we also just hit 1,000 fans on our FACEBOOK. We are very proud of this, it is such a great way to keep in touch with our fans. We have recently uploaded a few new pictures and some GREAT videos from the Haiti Relief Benefit at the German House by Mike Hanlon, so please stop by our page if you haven’t already and become a fan:)

We have 2 more shows to play here and Rochester before we leave. All the wonderful people of S.I.S. (Sustain. Inspire. Survive.) , HTI (Human Touch Initiative) , and of course our favorite venue Lovin’ Cup,  have decided to throw us a little benefit in Thanks for all the fundraising events we have helped them out with in the past. They approached me and said that they would like to help us absorb some of the costs to go down to Austin. The event will be tomorrow (Sunday March 7) from 4-6pm. It is a much earlier time than we are used to playing, so perhaps some of our fans that don’t like to stay up late can check it out. We will have a few friends stopping down to join us on stage. It should be a good time.

The last show we will play as a band before we go on the road will be Dinosaur BBQ on Thursday March 11 @ 10:00pm. This is our second time playing at this venue. We had such a great time the first time, I personally can’t wait to do it again!

Any who….I think I am going to grab a beer!

’til next time,

We did it! Our ambitious goal to record 5 songs in a weekend was achieved thanks to the lovely boys and girl that make up my Tweeds. Of course we could not have done it without the wonderful service of Mr. Mike Muscarella and his beautiful Belly of the Whale.
So look out for it on our websites…MySpace, Facebook, We will have 5 freshly recorded songs up sooner than you can say ….. anything.
Needless to say our brief time in the studio was more than enjoyable. There were moments of boredom for some, at times

Like the above for instance… I was reading the serving size for the Cheese Puffs because after we ate 3/4 of the bag that is always a good self esteem builder:) Serving size was 48 balls…I thought it was alot, Tommy and Lou reassured me that most of the balls are filled with air. To prove it?——>Tommy stuff 48 cheese balls into his mouth, chewing but not swallowing. He may have been on about 25 or 26 in the picture. Verdict being 48 cheese balls is not in fact that much food so it is ok to eat a whole bag… Thank you Tommy.

In other news, we are gearing up to play the Rochester Cares Haiti Relief Concert this Thursday at the German House. It will benefit the Red Cross and we are super pumped because there is AWESOME music all night long. Those of you who can stop out…it will be a spectacular show. Our friend Mike Hanlon from Hanlon Photography will be out doing some video footage for us, and photos will be shot that night as well. I hear there is going to be some blackjack tables too…I am not much of a gambler but I have heard that is a selling point for a few folks:)

Things are starting to come together for Austin. Now that the recording is is coming along…logos and merch on the way…trailer and hotels are reserved…we’ve got ourselves some sweet new clothes. OH I almost forgot!…We had two phone interviews this week. One with the Rochester Insider and one with Jeff Spevak with the D &C. I believe the D & C should be running either the 24 or 25, and I am not positive about the Insider, but look out for both.
I have to go to bed now so I can go to work tomorrow morning, we all know how crazy the kayak business is in February….


Katy and Lou at the Dino
Tuesdays are Tweed days…Fat Tuesday was a special one…

Every Tuesday Lou, Me, and Tommy get together to work on things for the band. We make flyers, work on bookings, work on merchandise, and other random things…then we always end up eating at Jim’s Diner.

This Tuesday, “Fat Tuesday” we started off with the usual. After some serious chat about how we are getting to Austin then the topic of wardrobe came up and naturally, we ended up at the thrift store.

We walked in to find a plethora of men’s suit coats, pants, and vests that are more than perfect to make our boys look like bad-ass bluesy rock stars.

Sifting through the madness, Tommy and Lou came acrossed a sweet three-piecer that seemed to be Tommy’s size..but we had to be sure…so what did we do? Look for a fitting room?, I don’t think so, not this group….Lou and I turned around and built a human wall while Tommy dropped trow in the middle of the store. PERFECT FIT! We stuck around for a little while longer, Tommy found a great pair of pink pants and suggested them to Lou, needless to say he was not into them. We gathered our things, picked up a sweet lamp, and we were on our way.

After that I went home to get ready to play my solo gig at Beale St. Once a year they change my usual Tuesdays up to celebrate Mardi Gras. I played 4-6 followed by Dan Schmidt and the Shadows from 7-10. IT WAS PACKED. My friend and former Tweed, Mike Deiure brought his bass out and jammed a little with me. It was a good time on stage, but when we were off it was hard to move. We ended the night by rounding up the troops and meeting Katy and Lou out with some friends at Dinosaur BBQ to grab a bite and a few beers:)

We are getting ready to hit the studio starting Thursday night. I am sure we will have a lot to share about our experiences so stay tuned!


        About 3 years ago I purchased a Hammond B3, which is the king of blues and rock organs, for those of you who are not familiar.  Shortly after, I bought a Leslie speaker to go along with it and together they monopolized the space in my parents sun room.  I don’t even know how to play the piano, but i always had this dream that someday I would find somebody who could to play in a band with me.  Sure enough I found a band, but that beast is to heavy to gig with.  Since we have been turning our attic into a jam space, I had this wonderful idea that we would bring the organ over and finally get some use out of it.  Seeing that the only person that I know with a truck is Taylor he was going to have to be part of it.  As soon as he found out what he was getting into he left his keys in the truck for me and got the heck out of dodge.  Jeremy didn’t realize what he was agreeing to, so he was on board.  The only other person I could manipulate was Twon, so we only had three people; which was a death wish.  Getting it out of my house and into the truck went great, only took us 10 minutes; so i thought maybe this won’t be so bad after all.  As soon as we got to my house, we were pulling the organ out of the truck and Twon slipped on the ice and the organ came crashing down.  So now were in the house and we still have to go up two flights of stairs to the attic.  Before we even moved the organ up one step we got the thing stuck with two people wedged up against the wall.  We were trying to avoid rolling the organ up the stairs since there are so many moving parts inside, but that was looking like it was our only option.  After about 45 minutes of wrestling the organ we finally made it up to the attic, and luckily it was already banged up so the nicks and dings we put in it didn’t really matter.  I don’t know how that thing still works if you could of heard the noises it was making when we rolled it up the stairs.  Believe it or not it actually sounded better after moving it.  I don’t know how I’m ever going to get it out of the attic, but at least it’s there.  So if your ever making a studio or jam space, make it on the first floor

If you know me, you know what baking is a result of…STRESS!!!  I take out my anxiety on a hand mixer, a mixing bowl and a cupboard full of ingredients.  I have recently come to realize there are two kinds of stress; stress over the bad things and stress over the good things.  The stress I have now is over all good things and as a result I have 4 dozen chocolate sandwich cookies sitting on my kitchen counter.  I guess what they say is true about one good thing leading to another!

As Teagan states, we have a lot to think about right now amongst trying to go about our regular everyday lives but the excitement overrules anything else.  The Tweeds are facing new opportunities, new fans, new ideas, and we couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to the current fans and Tweed followers, we are able to explore all of these opportunities.

So what do you get when you have the perfect blend of ingredients?  A recipe for something tasty and delicious that you’ll always want to come back to.  Each member of the Tweeds ads a flavor that when combined makes some irresistibly tasty licks with a little bit of kick.  We have created a flavor that could satisfy even the pickiest of palates.  I guess what I’m trying to say is our group has connected in a way that works and we bring out the best in each other both musically and personally.  We are looking forward to the days ahead of recording, traveling, entertaining and the occasional cookie or two.    

Howdy everyone! Welcome to our new blog…The band and I are gearing up for some big things, so I decided it was probably a good idea to start blog to keep all of our lovely and loyal fans up on whats going on with us. 
For those of you who don’t know…We have been accepted to perform in not one, but two showcases down in Austin, TX during the time of South by Southwest. SXSW is one of the biggest live music festivals anywhere. Tons of unsigned talent gets discovered at this festival every year. From what I hear the city of Austin is absolutely flooded by hundreds of thousand of people…so naturally WE ARE SUPER EXCITED!
This all started because of our wonderful and most talented friend Kalu James. Kalu used to be a fellow Rochester musician of ours, until one day he decided that Austin was callin’ his name. With his good word and a little luck we got into the Irie Bean and Coffee Bar on March 19. Everyone should check out his music who hasn’t heard it already @
The next gig we got is one that I had submitted a press kit for about two months ago. I saw an ad for a showcase looking for bands during SXSW so I decided I’d give it a go….crossing my fingers and hoping it might lead to something…last week we found out the good news that we will be playing yet another gig at Krush Bar and Lounge on March 20. This club is like 3000 sq ft and has 3 stages. Needless to say, we are getting SUPER EXCITED for March to come and our trip to begin. But in the meantime there is so much work to be done….
We just got done with band practice tonight. The band is getting ready to go into the studio next weekend so we were chatting about that. Also, we are trying to pick out a logo for ourselves to put on some merch to take down…and the flights…and the equipment…outfits to wear…logos…stickers….demos…recording…amps…flight…demos…recording…cds…press kits…equipment…t-shirts…guitars..clothes…ahhh!!!! So much stuff to think about!
…..I need some sleep:)
Til next time-


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