So I never blogged about Austin really. I meant to but it wasn’t as easy to find wifi as I thought and blogging from my Blackberry just wasn’t doing it for me. So instead I posted most of the trip on facebook. Sorry to those of you who were waiting for a blog….I will tell you the story of the not so pleasant end to our awesome trip…
We got in the car around 9:00 am Monday. Ready to hit the road…got a quick bit to eat at McDonald’s (classic road trip style…you know you all do it) and we were off. I had gotten up much earlier that morning, around 4 am or so, to drop Sarah off at the airport…so I was still extremely tired when we hit the road. 
Jeremy started out the first leg of the trip driving. Lou and I were crammed like sardines in the back of the Trailblazer, trying to figure out the right position to sleep comfortably….not willing to admit to ourselves that such as thing did not exist. I think my final sleeping position of choice ended up being the “lean forward with your head on the seat in front of you”…for whatever reason it seemed the most natural.
I fell asleep pretty shortly into our trip. A few hours went by and I woke up to find us stopped at a truck stop…still in Texas of course…BTW: Driving through Texas feels like driving on a treadmill in the middle of a cow pasture next to a “HELL IS REAL” sign. Anyways, when I woke up I had a scratchy throat. The kind that I get when my allergies are bad. I figured the climate change had finally caught up with my allergies and that was the issue…WRONG. When I woke up at the next truck stop I thought I was gonna die before we made it out of Texas.
I spent the rest of the trip fueling up on cold medicine and Airborn, but niether worked. I slept for the most part, but I was getting worse and worse.
We finally got out of Texas and ended up stopping in Memphis, TN. We drove to Beale St to try and get some dinner. We found an alright parking spot and pushed our money into the cash box. Exited the car, tried to lock it but…..the lock on the back hatch wasn’t working. Not good. We got back in the car, drove around looking at Beale St. then found a Perkins to eat at where we could watch the car from the window.
We ate some food, I drank some tea, and once again we were off. This time Lou drove and I was supposed to be the co-pilot. Thank God Tommy stays awake late at night because I was asleep before we got back on the highway I think. I was a shitty co-pilot.
When I woke again it was somewhere around 2am maybe?…and we were pulling into the Grand Old Opry. My throat felt like it was on fire…but I really wanted to see the Opry. We all woke up and dragged ourselves outta the car. No one was around anywhere but the Music was still playing outside at the Opry…its was kinda odd.  We took a few pictures…
hahah we were sooo cold and groggy. 
We got home around 4 pm on Tuesday. I had to cance my regular Beale St. gig for the first time in 2 years. I wasn’t very happy about it.
After we got home I lost my voice completely.  First I went hoarse, but then it just went totally silent.
That was last Tuesday….it has been a week, and I still don’t have a voice today. Little pieces are slowly coming back…but it is very frustrating. I had to cancel my Beale St. gig again tonight, and the band gig at Dewey’s this past Saturday. 
I went to the doctor and they gave me pills for a sinus infection. My sinus are clear now but I can feel it in my throat. I am going to see a Ear Nose and Throat specialist on Friday…hopefully it will continue to get better.
My Mom bought me Aloe Vera juice because it is supposed to prevent any scar tissue on your vocal chords. I take two tablespoons in the morning and two at night. It tastes really bitter and strong…not sure if its helping…but they do say it is a colon cleanser…and it is probably safe to say that it true.
I haven’t had any other liquids besides Tea w/lemon and honey. My teapot is probably going to break soon. It is way overused.
Our next gig is April 9. I should be fine by then. I haven’t talked to hardly anyone in like 5 days….it’s kinda sad. I heard that even whispering is bad for me…so I have to communicate with notes and texts…if only everyone knew sign language:)
I am going to go nap. Hopefully I can talk to all of you soon with a full healthy voice!
Until next time…


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