The other day I woke up and went into the kitchen to find a rubbing up against my leg.  I did what most people would do when an interesting furry creature comes up to you and picked it up, within 30 seconds I felt a warm sensation spreading across my belly which turned out to be cat pee.  After finding out that the cat had a urinary tract infection, I was able to forgive Santino.

        Now today when I walked up to the attic as Leo was dismissing himself, that familiar scent of cat piss was in the air.  After about thirty minutes of myself, Kristina, and Katy crawling on the floor sniffing like dogs for the source of the smell, we noticed an unfamiliar lake emerging from the bottom of the organ.  After a thorough investigation, it was determined that this lake was the outlet of a river flowing from the housing of the volume pedal on my organ.  After shining a light in there, you could see pee in the top corner of the housing.  How Leo manged to get his pee all the way up there is a mystery to me.  Even if he could fit in there, he would have had to be on his back with his butt pressed up against the corner. Hopefully the chemicals I applied to remove the scent will work.

    Does that look like a cat you could forgive?


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