We are all so frustrated with this Local Lilith Fair Contest. We have a buttload of wonderful, dedicated fans that are willing to make their eyes bleed in front a computer screen, for more hours than a regular work week, just to vote for us once. We apologize for entering in this silly competition. If we didn’t do so well right off the bat, it wouldn’t have become such an addiction. But it is now….hahaha and I hope that you all keep voting. We really do appreciate the support, and I am sure you all know what a crazy opportunity this would be. So THANK YOU!

On a different note. We are playing at Pub 511 tonight and I predict that it will ROCK. So I hope to see all of you out and about:)

So the search is over. After many months of sifting and searching for hours on end with Lou, I have ordered my very own Bran’ Spankin’ New Tweed Tube Amp…..and I can’t wait! It is going to rock, hopefully it will be in sometime in June. I guess they were on backorder. I will post a nice new picture when I have it.

I NEED COFFEE before work, so I’m gonna bounce. Off to sell some kayaks….See you at Pub 511 @ 9:30pm SHARP!

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