I have had way to much coffee today. When this happens I talk everyone’s ear off at work. So I am choosing to blog instead.

The Tweeds and I had a really good summer. We got to open for Eddie Money, Jam with Rusted Root, and perform at a number of random places that included the word “beaver” in their name. Haha no joke.

These are a few pictures from the Beaver Meadow Family Campground. This is where we stayed while we played a gig at The Beaver Hollow Conference Center

Tommy Fishing at Beaver Meadow’s “Bass Pond”      

I took these pictures without anyone knowing. It was a beautiful day and I felt it needed to be documented. Michelle, Tommy, Sarah, and fished. Jeremy sat back and watched Rocco.

Jeremy chillin’ with Rocco

 My Birthday was on a Thursday this year. We got everyone together and started our day going out to lunch on the bay. We rented a pontoon and drove to Bayside for lunch, where Katy and Lou met up with us. Fish whisperer Lou decided to cast a line in the water and 5 seconds later, caught the first fish of the day.

Lou’s Fish    

So anywho, the coffee is wearing off now…. we had a great summer. We are hitting the road this weekend for a couple gigs outta town. Gonna try and take some good pics to share with everyone.

We also have some new t-shirts coming in. Some of them will be at Rochester Dinosaur show 9/16/10 and then we have a new design coming through by the end of the month. I have even ordered a few youth sizes:)

More to come later….


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