I am eating my leftover steak salad for breakfast. I just went to stab my fork into a big bite and it spilled in my lap….but no worries I was able to recover most of it. That might be kinda gross, but it’s from Merchants Grill and I didn’t feel like making anything else for breakfast….so whatever.

Anywhoo, I want to talk about the new Grace Potter album. It’s all I have been listening to for the last week or so, and it’s incredible. Michelle and I are planning on going out on the boat with Mike today and it is perfect summer fun music. Everyone who hasn’t purchased the album yet should go do it right now. If you get it online it is surprisingly cheap. The price of hard copy CD’s is falling so much these days.

I think every track is my favorite but right now I am gonna say “Medicine” is my favorite fast song and “Colors” is my favorite ballad. You just gotta check it out for yourself though…it’s ridiculous. Then go see her live if you haven’t yet….just make sure you don’t drive a couple hours in northern NY in January and try to cross Lake Champlain on a ferry to see her show in Burlington, VT. Chances are the ferry will be closed and the bridge will be blown out and then you will have to drive even father…story for a different time:)

I am sick again, not sure how you get a cold when no one else around you is sick, and it’s the middle of June???

I gotta rest up and pop my Vitamin C pills. I gotta make sure I am in tip top shape to open for Eddie Money next week at Party in the Park. Two Tickets to Paradise….can’t miss it! We are excited, everyone should come down and see us:)

I figured I would share this….The picture quality is kinda bad, but this is me practicing my moves for Eddie Money at an early age with my cousin Martin. Courtesy of my Mother-she thinks it’s hilarious to dig up old photos and send my picture messages of them:)

Goodbye for now…see you at Party in the Park!


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