Hey Y’all,
It certainly has been awhile. The Tweeds and I have been busy. We have played so many shows up until December and now we have a little down time to do some Christmas shopping. But, not to worry, we have a BIG Christmas show coming up at the Rochester Dinosaur on December 23. make sure you save the date because there are lots of surprises in store….
#1-We might have to pull out a Christmas Song or two.
#2-We will have more condoms to get you all through the holidays!…and t-shirts as well.

 I know, not the best photo….BUT…. WE WILL HAVE PINT GLASSES FOR SALE!
The final stocking stuffer that you all have been looking for will final be available on December 23. Now, I happen to have a bit of a cold right now so yes, that is tea that I am drinking out of mine. For those of you who remember, I used to play solo every Friday back in the day at a place called Bohdi’s in Village Gate, they taught me that drinking tea out of a pint glass was the cool thing to do….BUT I know they will look even more cool with a nice dark Guinness in them. That bold color of a beer is sure to put a nice warm glow behind our faces. Some Jackie D might do the trick too (I am sure that’s what Katy is gonna put in hers:)…hell even Egg Nog for the holidays.
There is a special surprise printed on the back of them but, you can’t see it in the picture, so you will all just have to show up and buy one or two on DECEMBER 23 at DINOSAUR BBQ in Rochester. Show starts at 10pm. I know everyone will have a lot of family in town so bring them out and buy them a beer in an extra special pint glass.

Anywho, in the meantime, stay warm in this lovely snow we are getting. I am so excited to go skiing! But I know it is tough to drive in, so for any of you who might be traveling for the holidays, stay safe…and if you need some road trip music LISTEN TO TEAGAN AND THE TWEEDS!…and if you need more road trip music, I recently became a little obsessed with Florence and the Machine, I highly recommend her album Lungs.

’til next time,

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